Monday, January 30, 2012

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CHA Winter 2012.
What can I say?  What should I say?   But WOW!.. 

This has been an experience.   From the moment I walked in this morning to the last booth I was at, it was a ride!   I has such an awesome opportunity to meet the people behind the scene to those on  the front lines.

Opening the doors....

I was 3rd in line to get in the doors.  From my vantage point I really got an in sight into the early hours of the opening.   We were surprised with a "flash mob" and all camera's were flashing and clicking like crazy.  One of the dis-advantages of being in front, you do not get to see what is happening in the rear.  But my ears told me all I needed to hear.  People were having fun!!.  (I am hoping to get a video from a friend, so please check back)

Having waited for a very long time, we were surprised once again.  Bag Pipes!!!... They are such an awesome sound and it came from afar and the closer they got to the front entrance, the more intense the excitement got.   What a wonderful and talented group and what a way to build up the the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Once that ribbon was cut, it was a MAD dash into the convention center.  Everyone spent days mapping out their path, mapping out who was giving limited specials to the first 50 or 100 people, who had the best goodies.... it was CRAZY!!!!!

Me... I headed straight to Ranger and my first make-in-take was quick and easy and very cute.   They were demonstrating a "melting pot" for a hard resin onto Tim Holtz's new "Tire Tread" material.   FUN.. FUN.. FUN.... 20 min later, I was in line at Tim Holtz Idea-ology.......

The was was 1.5 hours... When I got to that stool, I was so darn happy.  The sweet gal that was helping with the make-in-takes was so sweet.  She saw the look on my face and I am sure it was red from being so hot.  (you know that feeling... right.. private summer moments) ANY WAY...... This make-in-take was Tim's new releases.  The Pocket Watch... what a fun thing to play with!!!.  I wore it all day long.  (hope it Tim appreciates it).  Now, understand I am hearing hoops and hollars behind me and in the distance I could see Tim Holtz and Mario Rossi.  I felt so bumbed that my timing was way off and that I would not get to meet either of them....

WRONG!!!!... Happy Girl.. Happy Dance!!!

Mario is so sweet and kind and Tim was to gracious to take a moment out of his VERY busy day and take a picture with me.    Love them both!!!!!!!!!!   Ummmm... did I mention that we have goodies coming??

Next was Teresa Collins Designs!!....What an opportuity, I have to say.   I was to surprised to find that the very people I wanted to meet, they were ALL there.  Nick Nash.. (cutie pie), Julie Jacob (what a sweet heart and so darn cute), Teresa Collins, herself and Gentry her daughter.  That was a bonus.  We see the names of her children on her bling and it was such a pleasure to meet Gentry.  Very sweet girl and cute.  (hey guys!!!!). Teresa was so gracious.  I know it must be a very long day to stand in those beautiful heels and dresses and smile every time a stranger wanted to take a picture.  I am honored and blessed that she allowed me such an opportuinty. (yes, we have 2 lines coming from Teresa Collins Designs)

Then, onto Graphic 45.   I was sitting there with one of Diane's daughters placing an order and Diane came out.. let me say that all the dresses that every one of the girls were wearing were just gourgeous!!!!  Stunning!!!.. Diane was elegant and gracious.   I asked her daughter if I could take a photo with Diane and she said "sure".  I jumped out of my chair, stood next to Diane and I felt like a little school girl next to one of her   (OH.. AND... we have 2 lines coming!!)

Even Beautiful Ladies must take off their shoes.  Their feet hurt just like the rest of us.

Now by this time I have to eat.   Needed fuel.. so off to the food bar!!.. not the best, but the best I could find.  There was no way I was going to leave.   LOLOLOLOLOL

I spent a few moments collecting my thoughts and when I turned around there was Bo Bunny!!!!

I stepped into the booth and met Matthew, the owners son.  He was so funny.  We joked and laughed at some of the antic's we both saw and witnessed throughout the day.  He was a hoot. He even recited a saying that he had to type 100 times when he was in the 7th grade.   Cracked me up.   I stuck around for a drawing that they were holding at 5 pm.  Sad to say, I did not win anything but they were SO generous with their give -a- ways.  
Oh, and yes we have 2 of their new releases coming. 

Day 2...Wonder what I will find???  Stay tuned!

Here's a little sneak peak of what will be coming soon to the store!



Follow Your Heart  


After this, my day was done.  Many long hours standing on my feet and boy did they let me know that.   Now I sit in the hotel room planning tomorrow and my plan of attack for day 2........


  1. It's so exciting ... I almost feel as if I was there, seeing it through Charlie's eyes! Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. Sounds like a productive day! WAY TO GO!!!

  3. Wow -- that sounds like tons of fun! And you know you are making my day by getting MME's Follow Your Heart, right?

  4. Your one lucky chick! Lovely collections ;D xoxo

  5. WOW.....wonderful time you had even though your feet hurt. Lots of AWESOME goodies that you are getting! Glad that you had a fabulous time.

  6. Wooo Hoo!! Sounds like a fab time!! I'm so happy you got to see some of my peeps!!

  7. Thanks for sharing with all of us!! I can't wait to get my hands on all that fun new stuff!

  8. Love your recap! Can't wait to get my hands on that yummy product!!

  9. thanks for sharing your journal of adventure....... amazing and just like movie star's these were the paper stars or creative artist stars,


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