Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CHA Winter 2012 - Day 2, Graphic 45, Petaloo, My Minds eye, Tim Holtz

Day two started off with a different kind of energy. The opening crowd was half of that from the day before. There was no opening ceremonies, just the security staff checking and making sure that everyone getting into the show had their appropriate badge and that they belonged there. No sneaking in was going to be allowed.

Once the doors opened, that mad dash from yesterday was more of a walk of determination.  A different kind of agenda was taking place.  Those booths that you did not get to yesterday are now the target for the day.  What great new items do they have in store for the public to see, touch and smell..(yes smell)

I do have to say, that by the end of yesterday I was so darn fed up with this rolling bag that was attached to my hand and following me all over the place.  I would turn around and there it was.  I would want to step to the right or the left and there it was.  To think that I have this attachment for the 3rd day in a row is getting old...lololololol

Ok, onto the goodies.    My Mind's Eye was one of my stops.  They have such wonderful paper and I really enjoyed chatting it up with one of the reps.    I would love to carry everything they have but I promised myself that I would stick with my budget.    (Ugh, a woman on a budget and admitting it....lol)

Next, I went back to Grapic 45 so that I could take pictures and show you the new goodies that we will be getting in with their paper lines. OH, what fun!!! Metal Butterflies and cute small brads.

Can you imagine taking a small set of needle nose pliers and tweaking those wings so that the butterfly looked like it was flying?   Now imagine adding one or two of those cute metal brads...OooooLaLa!

Now, I made a wonderful find!!!... as I was walking around I found this cute booth called Petaloo.  They have the most amazing flowers and WHAT DID MY EYE'S SPY but Grapic 45 paper!   It was being used to show off the awesome colors and how wonderful they blend and compliment the Grapic 45 paper lines.....Yes!!!     So...I "squirreled" and we are getting some of these wonderful flowers in our store to compliment and work with all the Grapic 45 paper lines.   Such a grand find!!

Next I was back at the Ranger booth for another make and take and it was using the melting pot again. Applying Perfect Pearls with the resin they use and I made another piece of bling.
Yes, you see correctly.  Tim Holtz signed the back of my bling!!.... Whooo Hooooo

I watched Tim demonstrate the new pens that Ranger is debuting  and at first I thought they were just another marker and thinking they would not be an item that we would carry at this time.  Well, I squirreled again.   We are getting those wonderful pens and they should be shipping mid February.    The things that you can do with those pens are awesome and they are priced very nicely compared to other products on the market.  We will carry a limited supply, so be sure to be the first one to go on line and purchase them once we announce that they are in the store and available.

I will try and get some pictures of them today and post them on our Day 3 of CHA
(such a brain fart, should have done that yesterday)

Have an awesome day and we will catch you later

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