Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CHA Winter 2012 - Day 3- May Arts, Tim Holtz Distress Markers, Teresa Collins Stampmaker

For me, CHA comes to a close.  I will fly back tomorrow.  This has been a treat and a wonderful experience.

As I approached the doors this morning, the atmosphere was very quite.  No huge crowds, just people walking in with in an orderly fashion.  Many of them had their catalogs in hand after working through them the night before.  I know, I did the same thing.   By now you should have your purchasing plans all worked out because tomorrow is a short day and it is all over.  

I did pick out some really cool ribbon from my favorite company, May Arts.  It is really awesome when they recognize your name and all is well.   The ribbons should be in soon as they are shipping everything that is in stock.  YEAH!!!... New ribbon to play with.

Next, I went back to Ranger's booth and took pictures of the new pens that we have coming.  There are 37 colors!!!... Better than color crayons, I  They have a fine tip end and a wider tip on the other end.    I want to play!!!!  Like I say yesterday, we will carry a very limited supply, so if you want these, you need to buy them now.  When we go the the CKC Expo in Portland Oregon in March, I know that these will fly off the shelves!!!

Then, I headed over to the Photocentric booth to take some pictures. Our very own Cheri Piles is on the Teresa Collins Design Team and Cheri also designs for Photocentric. The girls there are so sweet and awesome. I have a new friend in Janet. (her brother's name is Charlie and I have a sister who's name is

We carry the Teresa Collins Stamp Maker.   You really need to stop by our booth ( CKC Expo in Portland in March) and check it out.  We will have it on display. It is an awesome tool and I love the logo Cheri made for The Hens' Den. 

After all of my must do's, I finally took the opportunity to take some amazing pictures of the DCWV booth.  They won the award for the best booth and they sure did deserve it.  Look at all the wonderful things they had:

This is a Parrot display and on the other side was this:

He is so pretty!!
Next was the Peacock.  Look at that flowing tail!

Here is a close up of his head.  Just beautiful!!

The next several pictures are of various trees that they had in their booth.  Just breath taking. The amount of time and care in putting each one together had to have been a major undertaking.  AND they had to ship them in to the convention.  MY OH MY!!

Each display was made from their very own paper.  We do not carry DCWV, but this booth was a must post.   They deserve the reconigtion.   They did an awesome job.

As CHA comes to an end, I hope you have enjoyed our daily blog posts.  I wanted to give you a feel of what it is like to be here.   Please leave your comments, we would love to hear from you.

Take Care!!!


  1. Thanks for all of the beautiful pictures! What a fabulous event!

  2. that was a beautiful post, thanks for sharing, this is like hollywood, yes their booth was beautiful


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