Friday, January 27, 2012

Cup of the month by Cheri using Teresa Collins TIMELESS

I love what I call "to go" cups. I use them Daily, and it's an addiction. I LOVE these cups.

This is one of my most favorite "to go" cups, I love that I can change it when the mood strikes.

For January I am using the Teresa Collins Line called Timeless, I love the pinks, grays and black! I thought it was a perfect way to ring up the new year with all of those clocks, aww good times!!

To start make sure you have your cup/mug template.

1. Using the PINK STRIPE and CLOCK transparency cut your entire template from these sheets.

2. Cut a strip from the BLACK DAMASK paper, you only have to cut around the top of the damasks because you will cut the bottom using your cup template.
3. From the bottom 3 border strips on the DIE CUT SHEET, using your template trace and cut both the top and bottom of the borders.

Now that you have your pieces all cut select your DIE CUT Shapes and start layering. I also added a BRAD in the center on one of the die cut pieces. I had just enough "wiggle" room to make that work, be sure to test that out before you punch your brad thru as some cups/mugs don't have much room - YIKES!! lol!!

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  1. Love this! Super creative..:) xoxo

  2. very pretty Cheri-- Very cute idea and it will make the coffee taste even better!

  3. That is such a cute cup and a great idea!

  4. i need to get into the cup party train........this is cute


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