Friday, May 10, 2013

Together Layout by Nicolle Kramer using Prima Marketing Engraver Collection

Prima Marketing Engraver Collection
Together Layout
Designed by: Nicolle Kramer

Happy Friday Friends! Today I am sharing a layout I created with this amazing Prima Engraver kit.

 Mother's day is Sunday and I figured I would share a layout I created with my mom and I. This photo was taken of us on my birthday.
So I was debating whether this would be a bit of a personal post or not. I typically don't get very personal but I figured I would give it a try. I am trying to improve my writing skills. The main reason for my debate is I wanted to try to keep this light-hearted and happy. Being the honest and upfront person I am it's a bit difficult. Although I love my mom dearly I can not say that I always like her. Let me explain, my mom suffers from mental illness. This disease can be a very selfish one. I want to clarify I am not looking for sympathy I am just trying to keep it real. We all have our own journey.  As a child I suffered many embarrassing situations and she spent a ton of time in the hospital. Even still today I find her difficult to deal with. I often feel the role is reversed and she is the child. I envy those who were blessed with a mother they could confide in,be nurtured by, receive guidance from and not only be a mom but have an amazing friendship into adulthood. Instead I felt neglect and abandonment. I grew up a very shy, easily embarrassed, people pleasing child maybe searching for acceptance I suppose. I guess a "normal mom" wasn't in the cards for me and have learned to live with it. I am sure having a mental illness is not a day in the park. Please know I have compassion, understanding and love for those who do suffer. I realize no one wants to go through these things. I can only imagine her pain as a sufferer. Acceptance is something that took a very long time and society doesn't make it any easier. My mother is a hand full but I love her. She is on medication to control the symptom's. It's not a cure but it helps. My mom is not completely awful person. She is a silly, loving , caring and a somewhat giving person. As giving as she can be. The word's of my late dad (which often ring in my ears when I am upset with my mom) "she's still your mom you know."  With all that said I hope everyone has an amazing mother's day filled with lots of love and hugs. Umm and I can't forget patience. Wink, wink!

I went to a big chain craft store this past weekend and spent the birthday gift card that I received from my son. I bought a few new punches (not like I needed them) and used them on this layout. I bought a new border heart punch and an all over the page heart punch both by Martha Stewart. I enjoyed punching into these fabulous Prima Engraver papers. I made a bit of a fun mess misting the resist canvas too. So much fun.

Look at these yummy flowers by Prima in the cluster I created. I am sure you know by now I enjoy making clusters on my pages. I mixed in a trinket and chipboard piece from prima as well. For added interest in the cluster I fussy cut a few flowers from one of the their papers. I like many different manufacturer's but Prima is one of the must have's in my stash.

Here's a few different layered and punched strips of paper. I even used the bits of hearts left over from the punch on my layout. Don't forget you can find this amazing collection at The Hen's Den Store.

Have a fun and  happy weekend creating those memories. Hug those momma's!

We would love to see what you come up with using this sketch. Please share at The Hen's Den Facebook Page.



  1. You rocked this paper collection!.

  2. Amazing and thank you for sharing such a personal story <3

  3. Wow Nicolle -- I think this is my favorite layout of yours ever! So gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous layout! ((hugs)) to you!

  5. Loved this post, so heart felt. The layout is wonderful. I love what you did with this line.

  6. Beautiful layout and touching, heartfelt, background to the layout. TFS both. :)

  7. Amazing page! Beautifully crafted. Love the use of positive and negative punches, borders, trim and chippies. Thanks for sharing your story too. ♥ what a wonderfully uplifting and caring person you are.


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