Friday, November 30, 2012

“Early Valentine” Featuring: Bo Bunny- Serenity by Moriah Macdonald

 “Early Valentine”
Designed by: Moriah Macdonald (
Featuring: Bo Bunny- Serenity
Paper Flowers- Serenity (Bo Bunny)
Chipboard Arch & Sentiment- Serenity 12X12 Chipboard (Bo Bunny)
Sentiment- Inspiration Cardstock Stickers- Serenity (Bo Bunny)
Swirl Stickers- Serenity Combo Stickers (Bo Bunny)
Card base- Kraft (Memory Box)
Black Rhinestones- Jewels (Bo Bunny)
Adhesive- Score Tape
Preparing your card components:
Cut 3 blossoms from the Serenity paper (2 large and 1 small).
Assembling your page/card/project:
1.    Adhere swirls directly to card base.  I clipped the largers back swirl into smaller shapes so I could spread out the color more and I used the 2 small green swirls for added interest.
2.    Curl the edges of the flowers to give them a little dimension.  Adhere all over the swirls so that the largest two flowers can frame the arch.  I know there is a fancy name for those Asian inspired arches.  Can someone leave a comment below telling me the word?!?!?  It’s really bugging me that I can’t remember!  
3.    Add chipboard arch to middle of flowers, then add the love sentiment on top of arch. 
4.    Sit back and admire your lusciously dimensional card!  Don’t admire too long though.  You have a little more to add!
5.    Add some blingy-bling by scatter placing some black rhinestones to card base and 4 stones to the joints on the arch.  Mmmmm, sparkly!   
6.    Whoo-hoo!  It’s only November and you have a Valentine card done!!!!  It could also work as an anniversary card, or just an all around “you are loved” card.  


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