Thursday, October 11, 2012

Graphic 45 Happy Haunting, Halloween Treat & Treat Box By Lori McClellan

Halloween Treat & Treat Box
By Lori McClellan
Featuring Graphic 45

Graphic 45 has this amazing matchbook box that was begging to be made into a sweet spooky treat box. 

Begin by gathering your supplies: 
Graphic 45 3 x 5 matchbook box
Graphic 45 paper
Graphic 45 Antique Metal door pull
Distressing tool
paper piercer

Start with your plain box.

Cut your Happy Haunting - Midnight Magic paper to 5 x 8 inches.

Add adhesive and wrap it tightly around the box.

Poke a hole with your scissors and cut around the top hole.  Don't worry if it isn't perfect.  

Take your distressing tool and distress all the edges including the edges of the top hole.

Cut a 2 3/4 x 5 inch piece of the Happy Haunting Word Play paper.  Hold it to the top of the box.  Use a pencil to draw where the hole is.

Use a paper piercer or make a tiny hole with your scissors and cut and X only where the hole is supposed to be.
Add some adhesive to the purple side of the paper and stick it to the top of the box.

Using something small and round (I used a paint brush),  roll each of the triangles back as tightly as you can.  

Take the inside drawer.  Cover the bottom with coordinating paper.  

Cut (2) 1 1/4 x 2 3/4 piece of the Haunted Halloween word play paper, and adhere it to the ends of the box.

Using the door pull, line it up where you want it to go and make the holes with the pencil.  Using the paper piercer, poke holes for the brads and attach your door handle.  (Doesn't graphic 45 have the COOLEST hardware out there?.....YES!)

Cut the little girl out of the Happy Haunting Happy Haunting paper.  Leave all the excess at the bottom.

Add adhesive to the bottom of the cut and stick her to the inside of the box.  Lay the paper down as softly as possible without making a fold, then when the box is opened, she pops up!  

You get a Trick and a treat with this fun, amazing little box!


  1. Wonderful little treat box. Of course I'd hate to give it away 'cause it's just too stinkin' cute! (and it has candy corn in it!)


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