Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 15, Tic tock... Cheri's created a clock using Graphic 45 Happy Haunting!

 Wall Clock
Cheri Piles  -  My personal blog
Featuring Graphic 45 Happy Haunting

I love home decor items. I love this new 12x12 matchbook box!! 

To recreate this project:
Cut the top off of the window box
Paint all edges of both boxes black
Punch large hole in upper center of "outer" box (this hole is where you can hang it on your wall with a nail.)
Cut square in center of "happy haunting" paper and adhere to top of box. 
Attach hinges to top of box
Using alcohol ink rub onto door knob, cut a 18 length of black ribbon and attach to doorknob.
Punch hole in center of bottom, attach a grommet over the hole. Pull ribbon with doorknob through the hole and adhere the remaining into the box. (the 2nd box will cover up the ribbon and will help secure it nice and tight!)
Adhere the back on the inner box to the outer box.
Cut 4 strips of midnight magic paper and wrap around box
Open the lid and adhere the trick or treat paper to the bottom of the inside of the box. 
Cut the center out of the Fright Night paper and adhere the border over the trick or treat paper.
Cut out largest clock from the Pumkin time paper, use black stickles on the the numbers. Punch a hole in the center of the clock. 
Attach clock mechanism to center of inside box using velcro (this is so you can take it our and change the battery over time) then assemble your clock pieces.


  1. Somehow found this awesome clock on Cheri's blog, which led me to your blog. Serendipity! Love what I'm seeing and have signed up for the newsletter and Feedblitz for your blog posts!


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