Saturday, October 13, 2012

7 gypsies tray with Graphic 45 Happy Haunting Design team challenge

This challenge was unique, each team member was given the same exact product to create something with! It is very interesting how different they both are!

Challenger #1 we have design team member LORI: 


What a FUN challenge, and now I have a unique one-of-a-kind home decor piece.  I have never done a printer tray project, but this was simply enjoyable.  My advice is there are no rules.  Just start.  Don't be afraid to try things.  I added elements and stickers to the outside of the box.  You don't have to make everything fit in the boxes.  I love adding pop dots to give the elements some dimension.  If you have not tried a printer tray, get one today from The Hens Den.  This is such a fun project and would make a great gift!

Challenger #2 we have design team member Charlie:

All I was allowed to play with were the stickers off the 12 x 12 sheet and one sheet from this paper line.  I wanted more to play with but it was fun with the limitations that were set.  It made me think about what I had in front of me and how could I tell a story with just the stickers and one sheet of paper. I would do this again in a heart beat.  What a fun project.

Great job ladies!!


  1. I can't believe that you girls did all that with such limited supplies! Beautiful and I especially like the little ghost on Lori's and where Charlie added stickles to the body of the spiders!

  2. These printer trays are absolutely Amazing! Each little section is full of creativity! Beautiful work!
    Nancy xx :D

  3. Both printer trays are really fun and sooo different. Love them both!


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