Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Sale! Plus a demo using the Teresa Collins Stampmaker by Cheri Piles

Memorial Day Sale!! Stop by the store to see selected items up to 70%! (CLICK HERE!)

Today  - The Teresa Collins Stampmaker is 25% off!  Here's a little demo I did on how to think outside of the box when it comes to creating your own personalized stamps! 

The package comes with software or you can use your own. For this project I used the software and pulled The Hens' Den logo into it, changed it to black and white, "inverted" the image - that's the term to make the background black and your image white. Then you print it out.

 The next step is to put it in the magnetic clamp - place your pink gel packet with the words "imagepac" upside down then lay your negative over the top also face down. Then you put it in the machine and cook it for 6 seconds face up then 1min 40 seconds face down. Do not over cook your stamp.
 I'm so sorry this next image is so blurry but you can see the image has now been cooked into the gel and you cut around it - I suggest doing this right over your garbage can because there is still liquid gel (the part of the stamp that does not turn into the stamp). Then take it to your sink and wash it with soap and water. Cook it again for another 2 minutes (I know the picture says 3 but I was changing it to two!)
This is what your completed stamp looks like once it is fully cooked and trimmed out. This took less than five minutes to create and look at how Charlie is using it on the bags! Super cute!!

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