Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fly the Coop Retreats - Chick at the Beach

June 19th through the 22nd
Ocean Park Retreat Center
Ocean City  Wa
Chicks at the Beach
It is time!!.   We have been planning this retreat since last October and finally, it is here.   We have done our best to make sure all the preparations are done.  Hopefully we have not missed anything.  :)
Below are the final notes for this event.  If you have any questions please email  me at


Time of arrivals/departures:...
Thursday arrivals - anytime from 12 Noon on. Dinner at 5:30
Friday arrivals - anytime from 9 am on. Breakfast will have been served at 8:30 but we will ask that they leave out what they can
Sunday Departures - please be packed and cleaned up by 2 pm. Brunch is being served at 10:30 am

Thursday - Dinner at 5:30
Friday- Breakfast 8:30, lunch 12:30 and dinner 5:30
Saturday - Breakfast 8:30, lunch 12:30 and dinner 5:30
Sunday - Brunch 10:30

Your goodies/drinks:
Please bring a cooler for your drinks. We will not be able to use the kitchen refrigerators. Concern with cross contamination. Town is really close, so if we need to make a run for ice, we can do that.

Activities -We will have a very cute make and take that Tangie has been putting together.
-Mascot contest - you will have a mascot that you will need to decorate and have with you during the event. On Saturday morning, we will post them all and vote on a favorite. There will be a prize for the winner
-Drawing - We will have a drawing late Saturday evening for a free retreat stay at the next Fly the Coop Retreat. Tickets will be in your goodies bags, so do not lose it.

Goodie Bags:
We have some goodie bags for all of you and your T-Shirt for the event.

Everyone will share a 8 ft table but we will have working tables for all of your machines, this way they are not taking up space in your work station. We will do our best to have a table close to each 8ft group.

Assignments have been made based on your requests. There will be some rooms that are not occupied and we ask that you DO NOT move to one of those rooms as we will get charged for the "extra" person and that is lot of $$$. They will assume that that "person" was there the entire weekend. Thank you for understanding and supporting this. (someone asked if you had to bring your own bedding... NO, this has been arranged)

Not allowed. This is a Christian Retreat Center and if we find that you did bring some, we are instructed to ask that you leave. No refunds will be given if this happens.

Is allowed in a designated area out side of the crafting area. We will point this out when you arrive. See  picture

YES.... there is WIFI. We are told that it is pretty reliable, but please understand that we are on the ocean front and we (Fly the Coop Retreats) cannot promise nor guarantee it's reliability.

We are on the ocean and there is a very nice walk way "down" to the beach. Please be sure that you are physically able to make the trek down and back up. It is a beautiful walk and should provide for some great relaxation.  

I am so excited about being there and meeting all of you.
~ Charlie


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