Monday, July 15, 2013

Graphic 45- French Country- Birthday Cards by Moriah Macdonald

Bon Anniversaire Cards
Featuring- Graphic 45 French Country Collection

Birthdays & anniversaries in July are very popular with my friends and family.  Pretty much every week there are one or two (sometimes four!)  Sadly, I usually don't remember the birthday until after it has passed!!!!  Sit down folks.  This time I am pleased to say that I have remembered two birthdays that are happening this week and have cards ready to go!

This Graphic 45 French Country Collection is yummy!  I knew right away that these papers would be perfect for the two birthdays on the calendar.  Can't go wrong with sunflowers, roosters, and pears for the folks celebrating their special day this week.  One is for a gal that grew up on a farm and the other is for a gal who started a soup kitchen at her church. 

Each pattern paper is framed with the same shade of burgundy cardstock to help make the patterns less overpowering.  The flower dies that come in this collection made for a fun extra dimension and those bees.  I love 'em.  Had to use them for the centers 'cause they are soooo pretty!!!

My words of wisdom for today- check you calendar.  Who needs a French Country card this week?

Here are some goodies to get you started!
Graphic 45- French Country- Flowers
Graphic 45- French Country- Abundance
Graphic 45- French Country- Deja Vu
Graphic 45- French Country- Provance 
Graphic 45- French Country- Banners

Joyeux Lundi!


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