Monday, July 29, 2013

French Country Bookmark by Moriah Macdonald

Graphic 45 French Country Collection
Bedtime Bookmark
Designed by Moriah Macdonald

Happy Monday!  Today I have my last Graphic 45 French Country creation to share with you. :)  When I was down at The Cape last week we were talking about reading, 'cause of course teachers LOVE to read, and who reads in a book vs. kindle/iPad app.

Here's a quick reminder of the goody pile I got from Charlie that helped inspire this project. :)

All that talk got me thinking about how I need a new bookmark!  I've been tutoring this summer and the books we are reading together are all hardcopy rather than electronic.  Good excuse to whip out my goodies and create this little gem.

When I showed my husband what I made his response was "Wow!  That seems too nice for a book."  Well my response "Nothing is too nice for a book!". *smile*

Grab some goods to make your own page marker:
Graphic 45 French Country- Abundance
Graphic 45 Signature Cardstock- Bon Voyage
Graphic 45 French Country- Flowers
Graphic 45 French Country-Tags


  1. This project is soo cute! What a great idea...Love it!

  2. Oh this is lovely and have to make one for my daughter who lives to read an actual book. Great job moriah.

  3. Love this. I am going to even try to make it.


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