Friday, July 26, 2013

24/Seven Collection layout by Carolyn Lontin

24/Seven Collection Layout
created by Carolyn Lontin

  Have you ever had a collection that is just perfect for so many photos ... every photo?  That is how I feel about the Simple Stories 24/SevenCollection !  I had this layout sitting on my table for a few days while I debated on which photo was perfect for this layout ... so many were that I could not decide!  So, here is my layout without a photo(s) while I decide on which photo will be the winner! :)


  1. Awesome layout! I had lots of fun working with this Simple stories so versatile.

  2. Fun layout Carolyn, can't wait to see which photo wins out. Hugs.

  3. Carolyn, this is perfect!. No photo to mess up the "look" of the design. Great Job!!


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