Friday, June 28, 2013

Mabry Mill featuring Teresa Collins' Memories collection

Teresa Collins' Memories
Mabry Mill layout
Created by Janet G. Bagnall
Hi everyone:

I hope you are all enjoying this week so far.  It has been hard getting back from vacation, but I made it through the week :)  Speaking of vacation, I have created a layout of Jim (which rarely happens) taken while on vacation.  We drove down the Blue Ridge Parkway and along the way stopped at Patrick's favorite spot, Mabry Mill.  It was rainy that day, so Jim insisted on carrying an umbrella (luckily, it didn't rain while walking about - it waited until we go back to the car).  I don't prepare many layouts with Jim or myself, but am really glad I did this one because with this collection, it turned out great.
The one neat thing about this collection is there are folders to use.  Now, I have to be honest here and say that I really struggled with those because I have never used them before.  I asked my friend and fellow DT member, Nicolle, for some suggestions and she said to stuff things in them and such, so I took her idea and place one of the folders behind the larger one that the picture lays on.  It then dawned on me that I have no room for journaling, so came up with the idea of putting the journaling inside that folder.  I used the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow tabs to make it open up easier and the clip to keep it closed.  How great is that?  I love it.
When I finished putting everything down, it just didn't look finished, so I decided to go in and distress around it to make it look at little more rustic.  I just love to distress my pages :)
When I picked up the photo from Walgreens they had given me two copies of my picture, but didn't want to throw the extra one away, so I popped up one to give it some dimension.  I've never done that before but do believe I will do it again.
I hope you all enjoy the weekend and head over to The Hens Den to take a look at all the goodies Charlie has for sale.



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