Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"British Dapper Dan" using KaiserCraft 75 cents collection

KaiserCraft 75 cents collection
"British Dapper Dan" 12 x 12 layout
Can you believe it?  May is almost over and we will begin the 6th month of 2013 in just a few days.  Me either.  Another thing that is shocking is the fact that I made 3 scrapbook layouts this month :)  I have really enjoyed getting back to creating layouts and am excited to keep it up; I am hoping to start Project Life here soon so I can try to get caught a little quicker - I have heard some great things about it.
This was another fun layout to create because the story behind was too precious not to scrapbook it.  I was talking with a friend who has been watching Patrick grow from overseas the past few years (Karen lives in the UK and I do believe she is his inspiration on speaking with a British accent - we are determined to see her one day) and she told me that I needed to scrapbook this moment, so I did.
I also used washi tape for the first time and ran out of room on my journal section, so I placed the date on the washi tape (I will be using that stuff more in the coming days.  Here is what I wrote to tell about this page, "Patrick has always enjoyed talking in different accents and has mastered his British.  The kids at school dared Patrick to come as a "British Dapper Dan" and he met the challenge."  He had so much fun at the dance and I can see him going into the dance talking British and everyone surprised that he actually did it (they still don't know him very well after all these years).  I really believe this kid could be great as an actor - notice the funny expression on the second photo (silly boy).   I also tried something new on the photo and really like how it turned out - it has been edited using the pencil sketch edit - really neat.
Here's a full picture of this fun layout and am excited about showing you more of my crazy and wonderful family coming soon.
I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.  It is starting to warm up here in SC and I am not looking forward to the heat, but am not going to complain because I am blessed we have different seasons here.  Please head over to The Hens Den and take a look at what Charlie offers in her awesome store.


  1. Too precious Janet! I watched PBS mysteries so much as a kid I can do a variety of British accents. Wish I'd of known a Dapper Dan in HS like your son. ;)


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