Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Rad Chic" album Debut from The Hens Den

Introducing "Rad Chic"
The Hens Den new bare album
It is time to bring out a new album. We are introducing "Rad Chic", a new and fun album for you to twist around, flip the pages and make it your own.  This album is perfect for those 6 x 6 pads of paper you have just lying around...lol
This album is 5.5 x 5.25. It is perfect for your 6 x 6 paper pads
Priced at $5.49, it has 7 pages, including the front and back pages.  That gives you 14 sides to decorate, paint, ink, stick, punch, emboss or anything else you love to do when you are making a min album.
The back side is flat, offering you a clean surface work on, while the side shown will give you a lot of challenges with mixed media and papers.  LOVE!!!

Plain chipboard piece

Smaller tabbed piece that is corrugated on the revere side.

Scallops on this page are smaller than that of the corrugated page.

Tag page

Plain chipboard page, no design.  Just right for you to make it what you want it to be.  We have several bare chipboard albums that you can choose from.


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  2. Wow!, really cool page shapes in this mini..:)

  3. I really like this new RAD Chic mini. I love the Sweet Chic album, ideas are already flowing with this one too.

  4. What a RAD album!! I love all of the shapes & textures!!


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