Friday, September 7, 2012

Count Your Blessings Layout by Nicolle Kramer using Bo Bunny's Country Garden

Count Your Blessings Layout
By: Nicolle Kramer
Featuring: Bo Bunny's Country Garden

This is a layout of me and my two beautiful daughters Kayla and Jolie.

Left bottom cluster

Right cluster 


Misc. Blue Bazzill Card Stock, martha stewart punch, 3d foam squares.

Preparing your page components:

  • Use 12x12 blue bazzill paper as base.
  • Border punch  12x12 weathered paper.
  • Cut out the "believe in yourself" cut out from the cut outs paper.
  • Cut out just 2 of the 4 cut outs from side b of cut out paper. Cut the 2 cutouts in half.
  • Cut a 3 1/2"x 8" rectangle from B side of Striped paper. Cut each end to look like a banner as shown.
  • Cut a 3" x 7" rectangle from side A of Striped paper. Cut each end to look like a banner.
  • Cut photo 3 1/3"x4" and cut a blue mat 1/4" larger on all sides from bazzill paper.
  • Cut 2"x 7" from blue bazzill paper and border punch.
  • Cut a 6" piece of ribbon and a 5" and 1" piece from blue striped ribbon. Take the 5" piece and fold so the two end meet and glue to backside of ribbon. Take the 1" and wrap around center of the ribbon to create a bow.
  • Cut 6" from daisy lace.
  • Make a 2 layered flower from prima flowers and use bo bunny brad in center.
  • Cut a 4"strip from blue jewels
  • Fussy cut 3 butterflies and green flower.
Assembling your page:
  • Attach 12 x 12 weather page to base blue bazzill paper.
  • Attach Believe in Yourself cut out in the top center of layout with foam squares and add a rub-on stitch to the top.
  • Attach the 1 half cut out behind the Believe in Yourself cutout on right side.
  • Attach the other 1 half cut out on top of Believe in yourself cut out on left side.
  • Attach the  3 1/2"x 8" rectangle from B side of Striped paper below the believe in yourself cut out.
  • Attach the  3" x 7" rectangle from side A of Striped paper on top of the   3 1/2"x 8" rectangle from B side of Striped paper.
  • Attach photo on top and center over the Believe in yourself cut out as shown above.
  • Attach a layered chipboard and combp sticker to top left of photo.
  • Attach fuzzy cut flower, layered prima flower ,count your blessings combo sticker and flower rub on to right of photo.
  • Attach blue striped ribbon to below photo and attach a button to right side. Attach bow made from ribbon below right of photo.
  • Attach the 4" blue jewel strip below ribbon.
  • Attach 2"x7" border punched blue strip below layered banner as shown above.
  • Attach daisy lace trim where the blue border and banner meet.
  • Attach fuzzy cut elements to left bottom of layout.
  • I used a sketch for inspiration.


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