Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blingy Button earings by Lori

Blingy Button Earings
by Lori McClellan
Featuring Blingy Buttons From the Hens Den
 Who LOVES Pinterest?  ME!!!   (and to think I was so resistant to it for so long.)  If you are not on Pinterest, you are SO MISSING OUT!

This fabulous project is brought to you today courtesy of a project I found and pinned a while back.  I had these great button from The Hens Den and I knew that they would be PERFECT for this project.  I followed the tutorial here.  
I began by gathering my supplies.
1. Remove the backs of the buttons.
2.  Cut and glue the curved part of a paper clip to the back of the button.
3. Use and jump ring to hook the earing leavers to the paper clip.  

That's it!!  Now how cute would it be to make some custom jewelry  for family pictures, then embellish your layouts with the same piece?  I dare someone to try it......(then post a picture in The Hens' Den gallery!

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