Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Trial" two page layout by Krystle Thomas

Designed by: Krystle Thomas
Featuring: Prima's Nature Garden


Prima Nature Garden Primrose Patterned PaperPrima Nature Garden Pixie Patterned PaperPrima Nature Garden Meeting a Fairy Patterned PaperPrima Nature Garden Blackthorn Patterned Paper,
Prima Nature Garden TrimsPrima Nature Garden Essentials PetalsPrima Nature Garden Chipboard StickersPrima Nature Garden TrinketsPrima Nature Garden Art Tiles

1.  Use Prima's Nature Garden Primrose Patterned Paper as your background.
2.  Add a strip of Prima's Nature Garden Pixie Patterned Paper horizontally across your page, adding Prima's Nature Garden Trims on each side.
3.  Mat your photos with Prima's Nature Garden Meeting a Fairy Patterned Paper.
4.  Layer Prima's Nature Garden Essentials Petals and arrange them around your photos.
5.  Add Prima's Nature Garden Chipboard Stickers as flower centers and as accents.
6.  Arrange Prima's Nature Garden Art Tiles along the side of your page.
7.  Fussy cut birds from Prima Nature Garden Blackthorn Patterned Paper and use them as accents along with Prima's Nature Garden Trinkets.
8.  Cut small strips of Prima's Nature Garden Meeting a Fairy Patterned Paper to use as journaling strips.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. So Beautiful!. You are an inspiration to me.

  3. Thank you all for being so sweet.


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