Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cup of the month with Cheri using Bo Bunny Country Garden

Have I told you how much I have enjoyed this monthly project? I love it. 

I love surrounding myself with pretty things. With things that inspire me. I love it when I reach in the cupboard in the morning and see "it's clean" and I get to use it today!! Yay me!! 

To create this months cup I traced the "Letters" paper (side B) onto my cup template and cut out. Then I cut a few of the squares from the "cut outs" and layered them onto the letters paper. From one of the cut outs I cut the butterfly out and punched out one of the circles on the paper. I added some pink bling from my personal stash to dress it up a little more... well it is for me and boy do I love my bling!

Often times we scrapbook for those around us and this monthly project has allowed me to choose a few of my favorite papers and create something for just ME! It's a nice little TREAT! I encourage you to do the same, just a little something for YOU! YOU deserve it!!


  1. Lovely "me" project! I like the fussy cutting a lot!

  2. Where do you get the cups to make these ?

    1. I got mine at my local Starbucks. here's an example of one (I've had mine for years!),default,pd.html?start=14&cgid=tumblers-and-travel-mugs

      Hope that helps :) ~Cheri


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