Monday, February 20, 2012

Nugget Box with Melody Ross Soul food cards, with template. Project by Lori McClellan

Nugget Box
Designed By Lori McClellan

Featuring: Melody Ross, Soul Food collection, Melody Ross Soul word cards, Webster's Pages Ladies and Gents Designer Trim, May Arts sheer woven Rosettes ribbon and Graphic 45 flowers.

These nugget boxes are so much fun to make.  This is one project you will want to make a lot of.  They make great gifts and are perfect to have on hand.

So to begin, gather your supplies:
Melody Ross, Soul Food Collection papers, Melody Ross Soul Food Cards, Template for the box bottom (I've included a pdf you can download at the bottom on this blog post), Black card stock
Websters pages Ladies and Gents designer trim, May Arts sheer woven Rosettes ribbon, scissors
bone folder or other scoring tool, adhesive, scalloped scissors

Begin by using the template to draw the bottom box shape.  Cut it out.  Score on all the lines that are dotted and make sure to cut on all the solid lines.  It should look like this. 

 Start with the 4 small squares, put adhesive on the back and fold it over and stick it to the side next to it.

This create the basic box shape.  Add adhesive to the other flaps and fold and stick them down to make the box.  When it is finished it will look like this.

 Take your patterned paper and cut a 5 x 8.5 piece.  Score it on the long side at 2 in., 3 in., 6 in., and 7 in, then fold.  It should look like this.

I cut a 1/2 inch wide piece of coordinating paper and used my adhesive to stick it to the 8.5 side sides of the box top.  Then using some scalloped scissors, cut to add a little flair.  Add adhesive to end flaps and wrap it around the box to secure it.  Make sure that the box bottom can be slid from the patterned paper wrapper.  I LOVE the Melody Ross soul food cards from the Hens Den, and thought they would be great accents to my nugget boxes.  Because the cards were a little bit large for the boxes, I trimmed 1/4 inch off all of the sides, then used a corner rounder to round the corners so they still looked like cards.  I mounted them in black card stock and then tore the edges.  To finish I added the gorgeous ribbon trim, graphic 45 flowers.  These would make great gifts for teachers, friends or neighbors.  I challenge you to try this project, take a picture and upload it to The Hen's Den gallery.  I would love to see how you dressed yours up.

Hen's Den Box Template


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