Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fancy Pants Designs It's The Little Things Collection - "Our Kids" by Sesil Cratin

“Our Kids”
Designed by: Sesil Cratin
Featuring Fancy Pants It’s The Little Things Collection

Preparing and cutting:
  • Cut cream card stock to 11.5 x 11.5 
  • Cut Strips paper to 8”x 4” to make sure you cut the white bird on the page.
  • Cut Bird Cage paper 9” x 3”
  • Cut Feathered paper 11.5”x1”, 2”x.5” and 2” x .5”
  • Cut out two flowers out of the humming bird paper
  • Cut out a card out of the shuffle paper
  • Cut four birds paper to 6” x 1” and cut out a decorative edge.
  • Adhere the cut cream card stock to a black cardstock. This should produce a nice frame around the cream card stock.
  • Adhere the Bird cage paper (dot side up) to the 8x4 strips paper creating an overlap with the papers.
  • Add the 11.5” x1” feathered paper to the top of the bird cage paper but under the strips paper.
  • Adhere picture on top of the collage.
  • Adhere the decorative edge paper to the top of the photo.
  • Tuck and adhere the card to the back of the collage and photo on the left side of the paper.
  • Add cut out flowers to the left side of the collage and the top right corner of the collage.
  • Add strips of pattern paper to the top and bottom corners of the layout to frame out the layout.
  • Add chipboard pieces to the layout.
  • Add buttons to the layout
  • Add title to the layout
  • Add rub-on “life is good” to the layout.


  1. Soo sweet,love the pics and design!

  2. Wonderful layout Sesil! Super cute

  3. Gorgeous, such a fun layout and beautiful photos.


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